Composite panels

Composite panels Naturalbond and Akpabond are contemporary building materials with a smooth, esthetic, chic appearance, used in modern architecture.

Panels are consist of two aluminium sheets thickness 0,5mm and polyethylene (LPDE) in the middle. Naturalbond and Akpabond panels are make in 3 to 6mm tickneses.

Standard 4mm Alumnium Composite Panel:

  • Aluminium sheet: both sides 0,5mm (EN AW-3005 (A) (A1 Mn 1Mg 0.5) acc. EN 573) H42
  • Inside material: 3mm polyethylene (IDPE)
  • Outer surface: PVDF (25 microns) – Kynar 500 painted
  • Inner surface: Protective Paint (polyester based)


Advantages of Naturalbond Composite panels:

  • Lightweight
  • Smooth surface
  • Diferent colour options (standard, metalic, wood design)
  • Durability – resistance to atmospheric terms
  • Workability (cutting, punching, bending etc.)
  • Price